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DELTA SCREENS Industrial Wedge Wire Screens

  • Oil &Gas Screens: Wire wrapped DeltaWeld™, Direct wrap-on pipe DeltaDirect™, Slip-on, Pre-pack DeltaPak™, Premium DeltaElite™, Thrutubing DeltaPore HP™.

  • Oil & Gas Shunt Tube System: Delta STS-OH™ for Open-Hole Applications & Delta STS-CH™ for Cased-Hole Applications.

  • Water Well: Stainless steel screens.

  • Water Supply & Treatement: Intake screens, Rotating sieves, Underdrains, Support grids, Header laterals, Hub laterals, Nozzles, Precoat filters, Resin traps, Sieve bends & Fish diversion screens.

  • Industrial Process: Catalyst support grids, Centerpipes, Centrifuge baskets, Cylindrical screens, Flat screens, Lobster baskets, Outer baskets, Outlet baskets, Radial flow screens, Scale traps, Scallops, Trommel screens & Underdrains.

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