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Power Generation & Transmission

  • Actuators - Geared, Electric, Hydraulic, Mechanical, Piezoelectric, Linear, Rotary, Servo

  • Adjustable Speed Drives - AC, CVT, DC, Hydraulic, Mechanical, PIV, Positioning

  • Bearings - Ball (Steel, Ceramics, miniature ball), Roller (Cylindrical, Needle, Tapered), Hydrodynamic, Journal, Linear, Magnetic, Thrust, Pillow Blocks, Bushings

  • Belting & Belt Drives - Belt Drives, Belt-Chain Tensioners, Conveyor Drives, Expandable Pulley Belt Drives, Flat Belt Pulleys, Flat Belting, Metal Belting, Polyurethane Belts, Polyurethane Timing Belts, Round Belt Pulleys, Round Belting, Sheaves, Synchronous Belt Pulleys, Synchronous Belting, Timing Belts, Timing Pulleys, V-Belt Pulleys, V-Belting, V-Ribbed Pulleys, Variable Speed Belting, Variable Speed Pulleys

  • Brakes - Air Cooled, Caliper, Centrifugal, Eddy Current, Electrically Actuated Friction, Electromagnetic, Electromechanical, Friction Brakes-AC, Friction Brakes-Cone, Friction Brakes-Disc, Friction Brakes-Drum, Friction Brakes-Fail-Safe, Friction Brakes-Torque Limiting, Hydraulic, Hydrodynamic, Hysteresis, Magnetic Particle, Oil Immersed, Pneumatically Actuated Friction, Spring-Set, Spring-Wrap, Tension, Water Cooled Brakes

  • Chain & Chain Drives - Chain-Belt Tensioners, Conveyor Drives, Chains (Engineering Class, Leaf, Metal Chain Sprockets, Pintle, Plastic Chain, Plastic Chain Sprockets, Roller, Silent)

  • Clutches - Air Activated PTO (Power Take-Off), Clutches (Backstop, Centrifugal, Eddy Current, Electromagnetic, Electromechanical, Hysteresis, Magnetic Particle, Magnetic Synchronous, Mechanical Lockup Oil Immersed, Oil Shear, One-Way, Overload Release, Overrunning, Self-Actuating, Slip, Spring-Set, Spring-Wrap, Tension, Tooth, Torque, Water Cooled), Friction Clutches (Cone, Disc, Drum, electrically Actuated, Hydraulically Actuated, Mechanically Actuated, Pneumatically Actuated), Clutch Return Springs, Combination Clutch-Brakes, Mechanical PTO(Power Take-Off), Single Position Jaw Clutch Units

  • Couplings & U-Joints - Couplings (Blind mate, Clutch, Composite Disk, Composite Shaft, Curvic, Diaphragm, Disc, Elastomeric, Flexible Beam, Flexible Metallic, Flexible Nonmetallic, Fluid, Gear, Grid, Magnetic, Metal Beam, Metal Bellows, Rigid, Rubber-in-Shear, Servo, Spider, Torque Limiting, Torsional, Wrapped Spring) C-V Joints-Driveshaft, Flexible Shafts, Keyless Locking Devices, Shaft Collars, Taper Bushes, Universal Joints

  • Gear Drives - Automotive Axles, Gearboxes (Custom-Built, Helical-Bevel, Hollow Shaft, Inline, Multispeed, Right Angle, Robotics, Shaft Mounted, Speed Increasers, Speed Reducers), Gear Drives (Bevel, Combination, Cycloidal, Differential, Epicyclical, Harmonic, Helical, Herringbone, Hypoid, Marine, Miter, Non-lubricated, Planetary, Rack and Pinion, Spiral Bevel, Spur, Traction, Variable Speed, Worm), Differentials (Cycloidal, Dual-Output, Epicyclical-Planetary, Planetary Phase Shifter, Register Control, Speed Control, Tension Control, Torque Control), Transmissions (Automatic, Manual Shift, Gear Shift), Gearbox Housings, Standard Gearheads, Planetary Gearheads, Power Take-Offs, Precision Spindles, Right Angle Drives (Clutching, Reversing), Servo Reducers (Gearheads, Cycloidal, Spiral Bevel, Worm), Transfer Cases, Winches

  • Gears - Gears (Automotive, Automotive Starter Ring, Bevel-Spiral, Bevel-Hypoid, Bevel-Straight, Cast Tooth, Coarse Pitch, Custom Manufactured, Face, Fine Pitch, Forged, Ground, Helical, Herringbone, Hypoid-Normal Ratio, Hypoid-High Ratio, Hypoid-Super Ratio, Internal, Marine, Medium Pitch, Miniature, Mining, Miter, Non-circular, Non-lubricated, Pinion, Planetary, Plastic-Cut, Plastic-Injection Molded, Powder Metal, Pump, Punched, Skived, Spur, Starter Ring, Stock), Gear Blanks, Geared Shafts, Gerotors, Internal Splines, Pinion Wire, Racks, Ratchets, Ring Gears-Bevel, Ring Gears-Internal, Ring Gears-Spur or Helical, Rotors, Segments, Serrations, Slewing Rings, Splined Shafts, Sprockets, Steering Sectors, Timing Pulleys, Worm Wheels, Worms

  • Linear Motion Devices - Anti-Backlash Nuts, Ball Screws, Brushless Linear Motors, Electric Linear Motors, Fixed Pitch Linear Drives, Lead Screws, Linear Actuators, Linear Electric Actuators, Linear Hydraulic Actuators, Linear Motion Assemblies, Linear Motion Controls, Linear Servo Motors, Nano positioning Linear Stages, Roller Screws, Screw Jacks, Slides-Linear, Thrusters, Variable Pitch Linear Drives

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