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Distributors of:

Sealing Materials

  • Mechanical Pump Packing & Valve Stem Seals - Carbon Fiber & Graphite, Expanded PTFE, Synthetic Yarn, Aramid yarn, ePTFE/Graphite, Ramie, Bushing Material

  • Metallic Gaskets - Spiral Wound, Low Emission Spiral Wound, Camprofile, Corrugated, Jacketed, Ring Joints, Solid, Serrated, with faces.

  • Non Metallic gaskets - PTFE, Non-Asbestos Sheet, Compressed Fiber Sheet, Flexible Graphite, High Temperature, Rubber, Thermiculite, Cryogenic, 

  • O-Ring and Accessories - Back-up Rings, Custom Seals & O-rings

  • Specialty Seals - Cushioning, Fastener, Flange, Hydraulic Piston, Hydraulic Rod & Buffer, Rotary, Pneumatic

  • Wear Ring and Guiding Tape - Wipers


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