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Distributors of:

Valves & Actuators

  • Actuators - Electric, Hydraulic, Pneumatic, Pipe Gas, Manual; Isolating, Modulating, Special Enclosure

  • Ball Valves - Brass, Bronze, Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Plastic, Plastic, Trunnion-Mounted, Double Block and Bleed, Lined, Power Actuated, Rising Stem, Top Entry Floating, Three Piece Floating, Flanged Floating, General Service Floating, Welded.

  • Butterfly Valves - Cast Iron, Ductile Iron, Flanged, Grooved, High Performance

  • Check - Bronze, Cast Iron, Ductile & Alloy Iron, Piston, Swing, Tilting Disc, Stop Check

  • Circuit Balancing Valves - Brass, Coil Connect, Combination, Iron

  • Control Valves - Rotary (Eccentric Plug, Full-bore Pipeline, High Performance Butterfly, Segmented Ball), Sliding Stem (General & Chemical Service, High Pressure, Low Flow, Universal),  V-Ball, V-Plug, Globe, Trunnion-Mounted, Integrated Flow Controllers, Severe Service, Regulators

  • Fire Protection - Angle Globe, Ball, Butterfly, Check. Gate, Iron Indicator Posts, Resilient Wedge

  • Forged Valves - Pressure Sealing, Floating Ball, Trunnion Mounted, Double Block & Bleed

  • Gate valves - Brass, Bronze, Irrigation, Cast Iron, Ductile & Alloy, Resilient Wedge 

  • Globe & Angle Valves - Bronze, Cast Iron, Ductile and Alloy Iron, Y-Pattern, T-Pattern, Bellow Sealed

  • Multi-turn - Accessories, Gate, Globe, Pipeline

  • Plastic Valves - Polypropylene, PVC, CPVC. PVDF

  • Plug Valves - Lubricated, Non-Lubricated, Lined, Double Isolation

  • Positioners - Digital, Analog

  • Quarter Turn - Accessories, Ball, Butterfly, Pipeline, Plug, Plug Lined, Plug - Lubricated, Polyethylene, Rotary, Trunnion Mounted Ball

  • Safety and Pressure Relief Valves - Direct Spring, Dual Pressure Relief Device, Filters & Strainers, Pilot Operated, Steam Safety Valves, Tank Protection

  • Severe Service Valves - High Pressure, Low Pressure, Cryogenic, Cavitation Control, Noise Attenuation, Drain & Flashing

  • Well Head Valves - API 6A, Ball AST, Ball ASF, Pigging HM, Ball TBV, Special Ball (Trunnion, Swing Check), Special Gate (Slab, Mud)


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