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WAUKESHA FOUNDRY Cast Pressure & Cast Support Components

  • Petrochemical & Refineries: WF-Repco® Plug-Style Return Bends (Mule Ears, Horse Shoes & Internal/external Hex Nuts), U-Bends and Elbows, Tube Supports, Hangers and Brackets, Drill Bits. Ohio, Key & Sivyer stale Pug Headers.

  • Pump, Valves & Power Transmission Components: Bodies, Seal Plates, Impellers, Casings, Bowls, Gear, Bushing, Bearings & Quick-snap.

  • Waukesha Metals Bar Stock: Proprietary Alloys WM88, WM23BI, WM126 & WM3. Corrosion Resistant, Anti Galling, Nickel & Copper Base.

  • Cast Tooling: Complex, thin cast Invar® face sheets & Steel face sheet castings. Grinders.

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